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  • verb

Synonyms for illumine

to provide, cover, or fill with light

to enable (one) to understand, especially in a spiritual sense

Synonyms for illumine

make lighter or brighter

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It is published by Vale Press ISBN 978-1-90607003-8 and is available from illumine on + 44 (0) 1753 866633 or www.
Illumine was one of 16 West Midlands business and professional services companies that took part in the visit earlier this year.
Since his motive is however base, his speaking is not be called illumination, and God will consequently be said neither to illumine nor to speak within it.
His keynote address will surely illumine many facets of the classical-music profession, charming us all the way.
Particularly valuable are his substantial accounts of such men as John Kitto, Frank Newman, and Edward Groves, who usually get only brief mention to the extent that they illumine the Norris Groves story.
It would illumine the changing face of religion in America and explore the impact of pluralism and religious diversity upon religious identity.
Only in our doing can we grasp you, only with our hands can we illumine you.
To illumine early Christian attitudes, he offers analyses of the Synoptic Gospels, the Gospels of John and Thomas, and the letters to the Galatians, the Romans, the Hebrew, and the Colossians.
The difference between Clement and Philo at this point is that for Philo, the light of the Logos came to illumine Abraham in time, (awakening him from it) and for Clement, it happened in Hades.
This February, during the 77th celebration of Black History Month-Negro History Week, voices from the past will come forth once again to illumine the contributions, and the trials and tribulations that comprise the black experience in America.
In this study the author seeks 'to illumine the sudden efflorescence and the adamantine resilience of the tradition of Our Lady of Guadalupe' in Mexican history.
The book provides ample light to illumine the way there.
Making equal sense of the vagaries of vandals and of conservers, this marvellously engaging book displays a congeries of antipodean worlds that uncannily (but by no means unwittingly) illumine our own.
Quandaries of love and work illumine Farmer (1976) but take on increasingly dark and obsessive overtones in Legends of the Fall (1979; three novellas), Warlock (1981), and Sundog (1984).
Good autobiographies merely inform, while the best illumine.