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something that can serve as a source of light

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However, ISO 11475 was published first because it was easier to solve the technical problems involved in the adjustment of the UV content of the instrument illumination to the D65 illuminant.
The color match under the three illuminants is computed and then visually verified under the different standardized lights in a viewing area.
The standard illuminant used was D65, correlated color temperature was 6504 K, the lighting and observation geometry condition was o/d (vertical incidence/diffuse), view was 10[degrees], and the measurement range was 20 mm in diameter.
Acetone was a product of acetylene, which was used mainly as an illuminant at that time.
Titled The Illuminant Midnight Project, it is comprised of three short, ten minute films, revolving around a common, universal theme.
Guidance will be provided on creating and/or using illuminant data representative of these lamps until standards are published.
The term "full spectrum" typically implies either a blackbody source (for color temperatures below 4,000K) or a CIE daylight illuminant.
forces with night vision devices without giving unaided enemy forces visible light illumination when using the M127A1 Signal Illuminant White Star Parachute.
The data were evaluated in terms of the CIE 1964/10[degrees] standard observer concepts and with the CIE standard illuminant D65.
With song and percussion they dance around it, and the illuminant metal casts their hazy shadows to the outer walls.
Color data presented in the tables have been calculated under illuminant "D-65", 10[degrees] observer, specular included, expressed in CIELab units or CMC (1.
The most important criteria for wallslot lighting include continuous linear light and keeping the illuminant and luminaire invisible.
These parameters were measured for an illuminant D65, using an SC-80 automatic colorimeter and a white ceramic tile (chromaticity coordinates: x = 0.
The instrument settings are done with the 'color space' as 'CIE Lab,' measurement mode SCI-UV included, large lens/large aperture, observer angle 10[degrees] and the illuminant D65 (light source).