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the luminous flux incident on a unit area

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For instance, for the analysis of lighting use patterns in the monitored offices and to develop occupant models, concurrent occupancy, indoor illuminance, and lighting state are required.
The results have indicated the minimum, average and maximum illuminance and daylight factor in the high-rise residential building affected by building shading effect, whereas, 30m of building separation is the best distance between buildings in terms of planning to obtain the acceptable daylight and to enhance the daylight performance in the building.
In the experiments, the illuminance category A is assigned to the situation where a desk area and other objects are seen but the resident is absent.
However, it is still good enough for detecting the downlink signal satisfying the FEC limit even at extremely low illuminance of 100 lux.
Consequently, the most energy conserving office lighting system would be one with an adjustable task light providing two-thirds of the IES Handbook recommended task illuminance, with the balance coming from an ambient light source either at the ceiling, or coming from a desk-mounted task light system with uplight.
When configured incorrectly, controls will either waste energy by not reducing artificial light or cause occupant complaints if illuminance is insufficient.
The current indoor lighting recommendations give ranges of illuminance values for different types of rooms and activities [10].
The major criteria are lighting level and illuminance, harmonic brightness control,
Eo is the simultaneous outdoor illuminance on a horizontal plane from an unobstructed hemisphere of an obstructed sky [4].
In the thermal simulation, the chamber is assumed to have heating load, cooling load and artificial lighting load which to keep illuminance of 500 lux on the work plane.
With the new RTR-574-H, the T&D Corporation, Japanese market leader for data loggers, presents a wireless data logger that can monitor illuminance, ultraviolet light (UV), temperature and humidity.
The light offers bright, energy-efficient lighting, long lifespan and reliable operation while creating an ultra-bright, evenly distributed daylight illuminance of 1,200 lux.
Gigahertz-Optik's BTS256-E Light Meter provides all necessary illuminance, color and spectral data to fully qualify solid state lighting and any other type light source.
A light meter was used to measure the illuminance (in lux) of each device; the light meter was cradled in a holder (made in house) while characterizing the samples.