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  • adj

Synonyms for illicit

Synonyms for illicit

contrary to accepted, especially moral conventions


of, involving, or being a crime

Synonyms for illicit

contrary to accepted morality (especially sexual morality) or convention


contrary to or forbidden by law

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This study clearly demonstrates that illicit financial flows are the most damaging economic problem faced by the world's developing and emerging economies, said GFI President Raymond Baker, a long-time authority on financial crime.
The report, entitled Drug Money: the illicit proceeds of opiates trafficked on the Balkan route, shows that the total value generated by Afghan heroin and opium trafficked in Europe and through the Balkan route is one third bigger than the entire GDP of Afghanistan itself, which, in 2014, amounted to some $21 billion.
Koral police arrested accused Hassan Javid and recovered one 30 bore illicit pistol along with ammunition from him.
New African: Why has it taken so long to bring the issue of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) to mainstream attention?
CAIT will focus on encouraging cooperation among those affected by illicit trade, sharing best practice, and working towards practical solutions that can be applied across industries.
On World No Tobacco Day today, a senior official said: "These illicit products are untaxed and unregulated, with no health warnings, packaging or labelling requirements; which makes them cheaper, more readily available and accessible, especially to young and poor people.
WHO said that eliminating the illicit trade in tobacco would generate an annual tax windfall of $31 billion for governments, improve public health, help cut crime and curb an important revenue source for the tobacco industry.
Thus, illicit trade in tobacco products is a serious global problem in many ways, including health, legal and economic aspects of governance and corruption.
Of the 11 shops, on this occasion none were found to be supplying illicit tobacco.
B) major sources of precursor chemicals used in the production of illicit narcotics; or
Dubai: Abrupt tax spikes on tobacco products will stimulate the illicit counterfeited tobacco trade which, in turn, is linked to other activities of organised crime and terrorism, speakers of the fifth Middle East and North Africa conference on aACAyCombating Illicit Trade and Tax Engagement' said yesterday.
PESHAWAR -- Pakistan loses almost Rs 26 billion per year due to illicit tobacco trade, Philip Morris Pakistan Limited (PMPKL) pressed in a detailed presentation to Director General IandI (IRS) and his team.
MORE than A MILLION illicit cigarettes have been seized by customs officers targeting the sale of fake fags in Birmingham and Smethwick.
Morocco ranked 59 th on the report's Country Rankings by Largest Average Illicit Financial Flows, 2003-2012.
A total USD 25 B were illicitly syphoned off from Bulgaria in the past 10 years, shows the report Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries 2003-2012 of the Global Financial Integrity (GFI) NGO.