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Synonyms for illiberal

Synonyms for illiberal

not tolerant of the beliefs or opinions of others, for example

Synonyms for illiberal

narrow-minded about cherished opinions


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14) The multiplicity of North African and Middle Eastern social practices and institutions is thereby normatively measured against the image of a "western civil society where well-informed citizens debate the important questions of politics and the good life without fear or favor, in contrast to the limited democracies, authoritarian systems, and general illiberalism.
But in the Middle East, democratization, contrary to academic and popular wisdom, is likely to push Islamist parties toward greater illiberalism.
And, by accommodating dignity and other considerations, the system does not undermine legality; rather, it lends a hand to legality's core project, which is to construct a bulwark against illiberalism.
In 1999, devolution of powers from Westminster to a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly was agreed, but illiberalism on immigration crept in again with the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, which created a system of detention on arrival, enforced the dispersal of asylum seekers away from London, and gave vouchers instead of cash for food.
Great care must be taken to ensure that the actions our own "legions" take in defense of liberalism do not have the unintended effect of fostering illiberalism.
They Saw a Protest": Cognitive Illiberalism and the Speech-Conduct Distinction, 64 STAY.
Lib Dem leaders have a lot to answer for in the party's descent into rank illiberalism by supporting a measure that is neither liberal nor democratic.
He has shown that the issue is not about how a liberal society should respond to illiberalism, but about looking within liberalism itself and seeing how well it is able to confront the issues of justice and injustice in the real world.
It is doubtful that Erdogan appreciates the negative impacts of his illiberalism on Turkey, and what is even more alarming is that his illiberalism has serious repercussions for the greater Middle East.
The question was always how long the romance between illiberalism and hypocrisy would last.
They Saw a Protest': Cognitive Illiberalism and the Speech-Conduct Distinction, (Cultural Cognition Project Working Paper No.
Either their popularity with conservative Republicans suggests that the right isn't nearly so hostile to libertarianism as Lindsey thinks or it means that the Pauls have sold their souls to the party of Comstockish illiberalism.
These aspects are worthy of charges of creeping illiberalism under Putin.
While Mrozik successfully represents Santideva's take on his tradition, her demonstration of pre-modern illiberalism of the sexist variety has been rehearsed on a number of occasions.