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Synonyms for illiberal

Synonyms for illiberal

not tolerant of the beliefs or opinions of others, for example

Synonyms for illiberal

narrow-minded about cherished opinions


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As Europe attempts to reverse the slide toward illiberalism, we must recognize that not all illiberal trajectories are the same.
The lecture also emphasized that the rise of illiberalism in ostensibly democratic nations was not confined to the countries analyzed in the presentation.
Eugenics / The most glaring example of the progressives' illiberalism was eugenics.
111) Thus, cognitive illiberalism makes judges vulnerable to betraying their commitment to neutrality by unconsciously applying their particular biases in interpreting a case.
This is a book that looks askance, even aghast, at the illiberalism of contemporary liberalism, which simply refuses for the most part to acknowledge the nature of the educational and cultural decline that we face, much less to accede to obviously appropriate means of addressing it.
These social and demographic changes accompanied a rise of illiberalism and anti-black attitudes among Jews in such middle-class enclaves as Forest Hills and the mixed Italian and Jewish neighborhood of Canarsie.
The argument, in brief, is that refusals to accommodate that arise from opposition to, or concerns about, illiberal groups or practices may actually reinforce rather than reduce illiberalism.
A particular corner of this literature focused on universities, worrying the twin dilemmas of illiberalism and quietism in the Wilhelmine and Weimar universities in the face of Nazi anti-intellectualism and the organizational Gleichschaltung of the 1930s.
We are also concerned about the illiberalism of politically correct attacks on evangelism.
The important point here is that Warren's liberalism as chief justice is said to have been at least in part the outcome of feeling personally guilty for his illiberalism as California's attorney general (see, e.
Rachlinski, They Saw a Protest: Cognitive Illiberalism and the Speech-Conduct Distinction, 64 STAN.
On how those who genuinely care about liberal values can discuss illiberalism in the Muslim world without veering into bigotry:
But their strict gun laws are part of a larger matrix of illiberalism " a mix of Bloombergist police tactics, Trump-like disdain for religious liberty, and campus-left-style restrictions on free speech.
In short, there is a double standard in seeking out illiberal states to reform, one that ignores the West's own propensity for illiberalism.
Mehring approaches Schmitt's work with painful reservations, as a "problem" in the history of German illiberalism.