illegitimate child

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the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents

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However, three of the five justices attached their opinion on regulation of the law which allows an illegitimate child to obtain citizenship with postnatal filiation after the parents have married each other.
It tells the story of four women incarcerated in one of the Magdalene Laundries established in southern Ireland in the 19th century as asylums for women who had been raped, given birth to an illegitimate child or were considered dangerous to society because of their beauty or independent views.
The illegitimate child of nationalism has come in from the cold and represents a serious challenge to the SDLP vote in the north, particularly galling to certain party leadership figures since SF's current ministerial positions owe much to the Hume-driven Peace Process.
An illegitimate child who is shrugged off by his father after his mother dies, he is taken in by his father's secretary, Mary (Joan Plowright), one of a phalanx of English dowagers (known by the locals as scorpioni) who have resettled in Florence in the 1930s.
But one of the boys, Heath, is actually her husband's illegitimate child, fathered in an affair he had with another woman.
As far as we know, this was "Ira" Fredrick William Keene Aldridge's second illegitimate child.
Melbourne, July 19 (ANI): Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones has been stripped of the Victorian Father of the Year award after he admitted bearing an illegitimate child with an air hostess.
THE body of a former premier of the state of South Australia has been exhumed as part of a paternity case by a brother and sister who believe they are descendants of an alleged illegitimate child.
Born John Rowlands, in Denbigh, as an illegitimate child, he spent most of his childhood in the St Asaph workhouse.
I am now 50 and in those days, having an illegitimate child was frowned upon.
curtain-twitching sneak told the authorities that she had had an illegitimate child.
Sharpe provide a composite sketch of a typical early modern infanticide defendant--an unmarried woman, often a domestic servant, bearing an illegitimate child alone and in secret, which was killed shortly after its birth.
But later on, he fathered an illegitimate child when he was in the sere and yellow leaf, and he brought in legislation which was not informed by Catholic principles but in defiance of them.
Francis, the illegitimate child of an Aboriginal father and a married woman, lived in the bush until he was seven years old.
She lived as an illegitimate child and was refused entry for her father's funeral.