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the quality of writing (print or handwriting) that cannot be deciphered

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Because each of these sacraments required a transformation ultimately informed by the illegibility of the body as a sign in need of interpretation, violations of each in the form of wifely adultery, Lutheranism, and Judaizing or Islamic practices were subject to inquisitorial surveillance and control.
Many are torn and brittle, and the small type is fading to near illegibility.
Of course, there are always normal transmission problems of not receiving all the pages, illegibility and text on thermal paper that disappears over time.
He or she conjures forth images whose very alien illegibility guarantees a traumatic submission to a scene that is also desired.
Any good cartographer could probably put everything you want on a map - perhaps overcrowding it to the point of illegibility.
How many times have you been distracted from a speaker's words by the inappropriateness, illegibility, over-crowdedness, or general poor quality of the speaker's slides?
With cultural legislation comes cultural legibility, or illegibility -- and with them comes, inevitably, the collective and individual paranoia on which much social and psychic life depends" (p.
Things like time-consuming setup, human error, illegibility, and a lack of automation capabilities often make more sophisticated units attractive to potential users.
Electronic prescribing improves patient safety by eliminating errors from handwriting illegibility, wrong dosing, missed drug interactions or drug/allergy reactions.
Yet his pictograms already teeter on the edge of illegibility, given their overwrought, intensely subjective logic.
As Myisha Priest puts it, "the illegibility of Till's body made him illegible as a legal subject" (2010, 3).
However, he ascribed Yemen's inability to partake in voting because of illegibility to vote as a result of Yemen's delay in paying up its outstanding subscriptions into the UN budget last year.
His opinion was embedded in the procedure of eligibility as well as illegibility, prescribed in the Constitution of Pakistan.
In its illegibility within speculative capitalist time, this coded affective demeanor is akin to that of dissemblance identified by Darlene Clark Hine as "an appearance of disclosure, or openness .
NNA - 12/6/2011- "Future" bloc Parliamentarian Ghazi Youssef, stated the illegibility of Parliamentarian commissions' summoning of cabinet ministers for inquiry purposes.