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In 2004, 22 percent of kids reported they illegally downloaded software without paying for it while 14 percent in 2006 admitting to doing so.
Moreover, one illegally constructed boundary wall on one kanal of CDA land in Muslim Colony, oneboundary wall in Noori Bagh, one illegally constructed room adjacent to a government accommodation in sector G6/1, one room in Katchi Abadi near (Aam Saraey) sector G7/3, one boundary wall constructed illegally on footpath and one illegally constructed boundary wall near Jhangi Syedaan Buss Stop.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army arrested three Sudanese men on Friday for entering the country illegally.
They will be of no benefit to Cardiff until vehicles stop illegally parking and sufficient wardens are employed, not only in the city centre but in the suburbs, where these buses will be coming from.
With its founders currently under indictment, it is alleged that BTS played a role in a human tissue and bone harvesting and distribution scheme that resulted in patients nationwide receiving tissue implants that were allegedly illegally acquired and potentially diseased.
Illegally established Fruit stalls, vegetables and other stuff were removed.
In addition, Iran authorities have captured eighty-thousand persons, the previous year, who tried to cross the border illegally without having necessary documents.
Summary: BEIRUT: Sixteen people were arrested Monday for entering Lebanon illegally through the northern border with Syria.
from myriad countries illegally, grow up here, go to school here, get jobs and become part of the community, but do not have papers to stay.
before the UN's Human Rights Committee, alleging that "migrants" (read: illegal immigrants) were being illegally detained in this country.
A CLAMPDOWN has been launched against drivers who park illegally in the city centre after the emergency services struggled to reach a major incident at a nightclub.
Motley Rice LLC, one of the nation's largest claimants' litigation firms, today announced that it has filed suit in connection with illegally harvested and unscreened body parts used in transplant surgery.
ISLAMABADB -- Chairman CDA has constituted new committee to hold inquiry against the CDA Environment Wing officers allegedly involved in illegally hewing the trees from the US embassy limits in diplomatic area.
They had entered Lebanon illegally and investigations are ongoing to identify who helped
RAWALPINDI, December 07, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Illegally established transport stands at chugi no 22 has been removed and a new place has been given to these stands.