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Synonyms for illegal

Synonyms for illegal

Antonyms for illegal

prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules

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Firearms move from the legal to illegal marketplace in a number of ways (e.
It is also illegal to transport propane in any vehicle unless the vehicle and owner is specifically licensed for such transport.
Enforcement failure: where illegal activities exist because of problems with enforcement, including suitability of regulations, the costs of compliance (detection of environmental contraband is often very difficult), lack of resources and expertise, corruption, and political and economic disruption.
The only abortions that occurred were illegal ones, which were clandestine and surreptitious.
No sooner had regents at the University of California voted in January to grant in-state tuition rates to state-based illegal immigrants, than attention turned to the same issue in Washington and Utah.
State and federal statutes prohibiting the possession of contraband, such as illegal drugs, require the government to prove that the possessor knowingly possessed the contraband.
Then you hear the vendor's low prices may stem from its use of illegal immigrants.
AMEX: GSS) (TSX: GSC) today announced that the Government of Ghana, through its Ministry of National Security, has initiated a country-wide operation to remove illegal miners from legal mineral concessions in Ghana.
One of the great myths of the immigration debate is that American workers will not do the types of jobs currently being filled in large part by illegal immigrants.
ONE of the major arguments against immigration is that illegal immigrants are an economic drain on the country.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- While local politicians, like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, go out of their way to shield illegal aliens, the Empire State's taxpayers are stuck with a $5.
According to Coletti, many non-union construction sites in town employ illegal aliens, sometimes in less-than-ideal working conditions.
Opposition to illegal immigration takes many forms, official and nonofficial.
In fact, CFCs are illegal under both international and domestic rules, unless they've been obtained from used equipment.
The Justice Department says they qualify as illegal drug paraphernalia.