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Synonyms for illegal

Synonyms for illegal

Antonyms for illegal

prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules

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The court further ordered 'besides providing list of illegal constructions the court should also be told these illegal constructions are owned by whom.
The Nation on January 15 published a story that construction of illegal structures in the capital was so rampant that all the marquees on eastern side of the Islamabad Expressway had been built and were operating illegally.
Our intention is to make illegal fireworks, illegal dumping and graffiti serious crimes.
Of course, the workers' families ride the workers' coattails to citizenship, meaning that it is almost assured that in excess of three million illegal immigrants would be rewarded with citizenship.
As part of the pilot program, the Buildings Department will cover illegal advertising signs that building owners have failed to remove despite prior notification and warning of the signs' violation of the regulations.
With the uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants into California labor and housing markets, the blind laws of supply and demand have decreased wages and inflated housing costs, creating great suffering for legal immigrants and native-born alike.
Cops like Farmer must strike a delicate balance in a neighborhood like this one, between enforcing the rules and alienating illegal residents (whom they are both legally and morally obligated to protect, and whose cooperation they need to keep the peace).
An estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now live in the U.
The final, and most innovative, chapters focus on the development of illegal immigration.
To help students understand the hardships endured by many illegal immigrants from poor countries as they try to make their way to the United States--in this case, the hazardous voyage taken by 205 Ecuadoreans with a band of smugglers.
Differential costs or values: where illegal activities are driven by regulations that create cost differentials between legal and illegal products, by differential compliance costs (or different consumer prices), by demand in different countries for scarce products for which substitutes are not available or accepted, and by a lack of concern for the environment.
physicians who provided illegal and legal abortions before Roe v.
No sooner had regents at the University of California voted in January to grant in-state tuition rates to state-based illegal immigrants, than attention turned to the same issue in Washington and Utah.
State and federal statutes prohibiting the possession of contraband, such as illegal drugs, require the government to prove that the possessor knowingly possessed the contraband.
Then you hear the vendor's low prices may stem from its use of illegal immigrants.