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Synonyms for ill-suited

not suited to a given purpose

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The Category 4 storm made landfall around dawn on Haiti's southern peninsula, where many people live along the coast in shacks of wood or simple concrete blocks that are ill-suited to the force of the system's maximum sustained winds of 230 kilometers per hour (kph).
A happily married couple look forward to their first wedding anniversary, but their friends think that they are ill-suited for each other.
On this occasion,Pervez Malik said that some political novices were doing politics over the health matter which is very ill-suited as they should show moral,ethical,social and traditional maturity in this regard, he added.
In the short term the undoubtedly talented Adebayor (right) might do a job but long term he's an ill-suited signing.
Built more than a century ago, they've relied primarily on residential education models that are fast becoming unsustainably expensive and ill-suited to current needs.
Because no-one wants to be railroaded into a scheme ill-suited to the needs of the very people who use it every day.
Specifically, the working group found that the study is unlikely to achieve its goals, does not incorporate the most recent biological research and technologies, depends on an "overly complex" sampling design and its investigative team and management are ill-suited to the study's needs.
Without an iOS-compatible gamepad, BioShock becomes a real chore too, with the tactical gunplay ill-suited to imprecise touchscreen controls.
Recourse to lengthy legislative procedures, which are ill-suited for the swift adoption of effective enforcement measures, will no longer be necessary.
The Basel III criteria for high-quality liquid assets are ill-suited to the GCC, where domestic debt markets are underdeveloped.
According to the Courier Mail, Warner is a divisive figure in Australian cricket, with some loving his aggressive attitude, with his bat, his mouth, and occasionally his fists and others insisting it makes him ill-suited to Test cricket.
The 27-year-old sprinter had already admitted the hilly terrain was ill-suited to his personal style, in contrast to the flat roads of Copenhagen where he raced to glory last year.
But I would guess that, not since Ian Rush allegedly asked for a shipment of baked beans to be sent to Turin, would there be a Welshman more ill-suited to life at a foreign football club than Gareth Bale.
On a course which favours long hitters, Jimenez could struggle, and four-year formfigures at the Oceanico Victoria of 73-38-53-36 underline how ill-suited he is to the setup.
It is even argued that Judaism's human-centered worldviewthe belief that humans alone are made in God's imagemakes us particularly ill-suited to respond to warnings about shrinking glaciers and dying species.