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lacking pleasing proportions

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It is a rambling, eccentric, ill-proportioned, and oddly beautiful biography, written by Lincoln's final law partner, William Herndon.
On the way, Crabbe finds and loses love interests, earns faithful friends, and pounds his ill-proportioned way through fight after fight.
When he designs a bridge on his own, as he did recently in Portugal, he has to put a kink in it (for lateral stability, he claims) but the resulting form, with its ill-proportioned members, is enough to make great engineers like Robert Maillart or Gustave Eiffel turn in their graves.
His human portraits--his principal source of income after he went bankrupt and was sent to prison in Louisville, Kentucky for debt in 1819--are awkward and ill-proportioned.
It might indeed be easy to dismiss fashion retailing in Second Life as some kind of Barbie world inhabited by individuals too poor or too ill-proportioned to fulfil their dreams in the real world.
area design/build firm, recently transformed a standard split by simply removing its ill-proportioned shutters and building a small, covered front porch.