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Dubai: A man has been jailed for six months for assaulting a housewife with a sword and threatening to kill her sister and daughter after they called him ill-mannered.
WHEN you have women like Hilary French decrying the right and need of every child for the love and care of its mother, is it any wonder that the problems with so many of our undisciplined, ill-mannered and frequently out-of-control children, are ever on the increase?
Negotiations may no longer be bogged down or stopped because of ill-mannered lawyer conduct.
At the same time, we have many ill-mannered parents who produce Tarzan males and females.
To justify thus they hide behind the Data Protection Act and they negate your claim which is ill-mannered.
Dubai A Syrian saleswoman was fined Dh2,000 for calling a traffic police officer ill-mannered after arguing with him over a traffic violation.
ISLAMABAD, July 06, 2011 (Frontier Star): Senator and Senior vice president of Awami National Party (ANP), Haji Adeel has written a letter to the Senate Chairman against the unethical and ill-mannered behaviour of the security staff of US Embassy in Islamabad, on the eve of the 236th US Independence Day.
She has three kids who are noisy, ill-mannered and disobedient.
I AM writing to respond to Councillor Neil McEvoy's ill-mannered attack (Viewpoints, August 24) smearing Daniel Mohamed for his letter (Viewpoints, August 21) complaining about the Pact meeting in Fairwater held on August 12.
Crowe is surprisingly convincing as the delightfully slobbish and ill-mannered protagonist, making the original choice to play the character, Brad Pitt, seem unimaginable in the role.
I regret that I have never come across a more ill-mannered, arrogant bunch of wannabe's than the officials and staff representing the Albion.
The film set in a Berlin suburb is about bored, ill-mannered teenagers jolted out of their apathy by a dynamic teacher.
In addition, Britney Spears received the dubious distinction of being named The Most Ill-Mannered Person of 2006, "for lowering the standards of morality and her negative influence on the behavior of young people.
NORTHRIDGE -- They arrive late, talk on cell phones in class, throw temper tantrums, send ill-mannered e-mails and make threats.
Home alone with a stomachache while her family works in the fields, a young girl must outwit the smart, ill-mannered, mean and horrifying Boo Hag, who will do anything to get into the house in this funny and not-too-scary story.