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Synonyms for ill-humored

brusque and surly and forbidding

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The usual characters are here too: Falco's young daughters Julia and Favonia; Petronius Longus and the vigils; the handsome playboy Titus Caesar; Falco's shifty father and ill-humored sisters; and Nux the dog.
4) Rip Torn, right, stars as Tom Green's ill-humored father, who gives his son a rude awakening in ``Freddy Got Fingered.
THE BEST EFFORTS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF Defense to maintain a "Don't ask us and we won't tell you" policy around the broadening use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions may have been frustrated in March by one apparently ill-humored Maryland judge.
And corporate clowns like the dynamic duo who hid your report do little more than make everyone ill-humored.
And, as you are aware, bad humor can easily cause employees to become ill-humored.