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EUROPEAN human rights judges have described a complaint by a terror suspect against his extradition to the United States as "manifestly ill-founded.
Now, of course, a whole raft of women are claiming to have attracted the wandering hands of Rolf and no doubt some are purely hoping that compensation will be the result, even if the claims are ill-founded.
We welcome the decision of the Court, which ruled that the complainant's claims were ill-founded, while at the same time questioned the credibility of the accusations.
I hope that Mr Cameron will realise that the claims he has made are ill-founded.
Winslet added that the press's perception of her is ill-founded and "not very nice".
He said that the local Italian and European Industries should have no cause of concern at the prospect of increased textile exports from Pakistan as such fears were ill-founded and not supported by statistical evidence.
He offers a means of thinking about inclusive education that first attends to the historical treatment of individuals with exceptionalities from Greco-Roman times to the current moment in the US, then explores the philosophical foundations of liberty and social justice in relation to the functionality of people with exceptionalities, and finally considers how these historical and philosophical issues can inform the implementation of inclusive education for individuals with exceptionalities wherein schools will not be allowed to "'pick and choose' who should be allowed to receive education in the regular classroom based on ill-founded and discriminatory ableist perspectives.
As ill-founded, insensitive and maladroit as they were, Lord Howell's comments displayed no overt malice towards the people of the region, but suggested a total lack of knowledge on his part of both its geography and demography.
It need hardly be said that an argument for compliance which was based on the existence of "facilities" in the State school was ill-founded.
Yet, such an analysis of the situation is ill-founded as the conflict in Syria has turned into a proxy war in which Hezbollah itself chose to be so deeply entangled.
It has also had a knock-on effect on his position in the dressing room, with the player feeling left out and viewing his team-mates with ill-founded suspicion over a twitter parody account.
He said: "I can categorically state that any rumours this week regarding our financial position are ill-founded.
CRITICISM of the new pounds 172m Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Hospital in Ystrad Mynach as a "cottage hospital" is ill-founded, says Plaid Cymru AM Lindsay Whittle.
His friends from MOWLL played themselves, showing how they were exposed to bullying and ridicule because of ill-founded prejudices.
YOU SAID: Any thoughts of a return to the Premiership next season are ill-founded.