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2 forms judged basicly ill-formed cases with the index "questionable" (otlik--(?
This nutrient is essential if you want great looking talons because a lack of iron in your diet will result in brittle and ill-formed nails, which, no matter how much nail polish you apply, will never be on trend.
Our review establishes that black MSM are disproportionately affected by HIV infection world-wide and that these disparities are partly rooted in social inequalities, insufficient funding, ill-formed policies and pervasive stigma and discrimination," the study's authors wrote.
Among their topics are portable text summarization, text-to-text similarity of sentences, applying natural language processing to students' self-explanations, computer-aided rhetorical analysis, the morphological analysis of ill-formed Arabic verbs for second-language learners, using event semantics for toponym disambiguation, and evaluating narrative and expository text summaries using latent semantic analysis.
We can show them that the ill-formed LDF is not good enough and not needed here in its present form with its reliance on outdated figures that have more basis in fiction and not fact.
First, the Bush administration spent eight years slow-walking scientific review and cranking out rules too weak or ill-formed to withstand judicial scrutiny.
This cognitively carried out difference in encoding can result in either unintended messages, though emptied out in mature and well-formed language constructions, or ill-formed ones.
As a consequence of ill-formed monetary policy the role of the United States in the world economy has been altered, undoubtedly for the worse, and probably for a very long time.
A sentence which is never single-pleated, may be disdained, is often sundered, drenched in ill-formed attitudes, stretched across a countenance or a muddy path.
Like an ill-formed pot, slavery needed to be destroyed.
You may not realise just how much ill-formed speculation parents of [children with autistic spectrum disorders] are exposed to," the Daily Mail quoted Dr Dorothy Bishop, a professor of neuropsychology, as writing in an open letter to Baroness Greenfield.
women religious to signal their collective displeasure at what they view as an unnecessary and ill-formed investigation of their religious communities.
Schwarzenegger's answer was to dump a spate of ill-formed and ill-fated, costly and divisive initiatives on the ballot in June that addressed none of the major problems, and which Californians mostly defeated.
Chosen for the cynical and oh-so-insulting reason that Quebecers will overcome their qualms about our operations in Afghanistan if only a tall and perpetually tanned hunk will give them a wink and a smile, Bernier has proven to be the utter embodiment of current Canadian foreign policy: vapid, ill-formed, and uninterested, with the added bonus of being pig-headedly blunt and outright rude.