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Boredom, lust, and hunger drive him into the company of others, but within the tight, ill-assorted community of displaced Danes and converted Inuit, relationships become tangled.
Many voters also said they wanted an end to uncertainty and the prospect of a series of ill-assorted coalitions with a limited lifespan.
And just because the ill-assorted BRIC nations and Africa are not the global stars that they were last year does not mean that they should be forgotten.
There, large underground tanks were filled with an ill-assorted collection of radioactive components and simple mechanical junk.
Teles has a name for the problem: "kludgeocracy," derived from the computer programming term "kludge," defined by The Oxford English Dictionary as "an ill-assorted collection of parts assembled to fulfill a particular purpose .
Following the tragic death of his mother he is forced to escape with an ill-assorted crew of Aliens in a quest to find his long-lost father and save the known universe.
Determined to find out why the kingdom is nearly bankrupt, Thomas and his ill-assorted and quarrelsome allies set out to face Kalthazari the gigantic, fearsome Dragon, to demand she release some of her gold.
With a sweep of his endlessly trailing scarf, he introduces his ill-assorted cohorts.
He attends a Sunday mass commemorating the anniversary of the death of King Baudouin, the last Belgian ruler of Congo--a brilliantly weird scene in which Queen Fabiola, as dodderingly senescent as the hyper-conservative Belgian church itself, takes Communion while a strangely ill-assorted royal guard looks on.
But judging by the ill-assorted evening dresses on show, no amount of money can ever buy style.
They weren't on the school syllabus and were a very ill-assorted couple - one socialist and one imperialist.
Take two apparently ill-assorted musicians, put them on a 1930s narrowboat and send them up the Grand Union Canal from London to Birmingham, performing a specially-prepared repertoire on the way.
To think this ill-assorted bunch are still hell-bent on sending young soldiers into dreadful danger abroad makes one's blood boil.
However, quite often all this rulemaking does not result from the drive of the Eurocrats (who are a well-educated and energetic lot), but from lobbies in industry, in case of agriculture probably from traders and processors, who want some standardisation so that, for instance, when they buy herring for pickling or canning they do get proper herrings and not an ill-assorted lot of scrawny sprats.
With one thing leading to another, however, the departure of the National Alliance would weaken the UEN, which is an ill-assorted mix of right and far-right parties.