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the endeavor of a Moslem scholar to derive a rule of divine law from the Koran and Hadith without relying on the views of other scholars

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In the primary sources of Sunni Islamic legal historiography, premodern Muslim scholars frequently introduced the binary of ijtihad and taqlid as a dichotomy of vitality versus decadence and decline.
The chapter has a secondary title "Traditional and foundational Ijtihad" because it is the ijtihad reform that is necessary, a reform that would make the ijtihad relevant to modern world problems and challenges (i.
DS: He reports in Disagreements of the Jurists that he wrote this originally as part of a debate with a Hanafi jurist in Tunisia, about ijtihad, specifically.
Since we did not close the doors of ijtihad, meaning "independent reasoning" in the 11th century, we have to find another way to answer contemporary needs and build a new balance between taqlid (following authority) and ijtihad.
71) Al-Shafi'i remarked that "Qiyas and Ijtihad represent the intellectual process whereby a finite body of revealed texts may be rendered relevant to the infinite complexity of human events.
We have further consolidated that Charter by the +support plan+ for local religious guidance, which I launched recently, and which is being implemented by more than 1,300 imams across the Kingdom", went on HM the King, before insisting that the major feature of this plan is to provide "enlightened religious training that is grounded in the principles of moderation and that seeks to preserve our immutable Islamic values while promoting ijtihad and openness".
It originated in the Quran, was epitomised through the teachings and legacy (sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad, and guided by ijtihad (diligence) - explained as the independent reasoning - of Muslim scholars (ulama) based on the Quran and Sunnah.
This had a considerable impact on understanding of the concept and application of Ijtihad, as it will be presented.
Therefore, given the discrepancies among Usulis and Akhbaris, it is essential to study the differences between Vahid Behbahani's ideas and those of Mohammad Amin Astarabadi regarding Ijtihad.
Professor Ramezani then moved to Qom, the city of knowledge and Ijtihad and he benefited from the lessons of theosophy, Fiqh and principles taught by honorable scholars including Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani, Vahid Khorassani, Makarem Shirazi, Jafar Sobhani, Bahjat Foomani, Madadi Khorassani for 14 years.
of Wales Trinity Saint David, Wales) adopts a relatively straight-forward narrative approach to the development of Ibrahim's career, certain thematic issues guide the discussion, including Ibrahim's philosophy of Islam's inclusivity of democracy as a normative theological/historical component of the religion, his belief in the compatibility of Islam with the value of human freedom and its sanctity in the democratic process, his conceptualizations of pluralism in the contexts of Islam and Malaysian politics, his (sometimes contradictory) political stands and their impact on Malaysian development, and the importance of ijtihad (or "independent reasoning") for maintaining the development of Islam as a "pragmatic religion.
Al Tabari was one of the earliest aACAyUlamah who relied on ijtihad (independent judgment) to compose his "Tafsir".
Apparently a tool of ijtihad, it is used as a conclusive legal ruling where no such ruling exists; or when a divergent opinion exists amongst jurists.
Abu 'Amr said, "What we have stipulated regarding memorizing the issues offiqh has not been stipulated in many of the well-known books of fiqh, due to it not being a condition for the office of ijtihad, because fiqh is its fruit and thus comes later, and a condition of something cannot come after it.