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His master's last exploit, the consequences of which he ignored, enchanted him.
To be ignored of any one of the following four or five principles does not befit a warlike prince.
But this time I turned rebel, and ignored the royal commands.
I may remark that hitherto she had treated me with absolute superciliousness, and, so far from answering my salutations, had always ignored them.
Bonnycastle had endeavoured more than once to explain to him the principles on which she received certain people and ignored certain others; but it was with difficulty that he entered into her discriminations.
But if she rushed into the fray herself she would be first censured, then despised, and finally ignored.
She ate well, declaring that the mild weather made her feel better, and pressed a second helping of beans on Jotham Powell, whose wants she generally ignored.
It was the calm way in which she had ignored the invitation.
Archer ignored the allusion to the ancestral cuisine and Mr.
through Thames Ditton I had ignored his sallies; nor yet when he ran his arm through mine, on the river front, when we were nearly there, would I break the seal my pride had set upon my lips.
He ignored it with a blazing eye,his hand upon the door.
Carey looked at Philip surreptitiously now and then, but the Vicar elaborately ignored him.
The older males either ignored him entirely or else hated him so vindictively that but for his wondrous agility and speed and the fierce protection of the huge Kala he would have been dispatched at an early age.
Even Bert and Grubb forgot it, and ignored the next item on the programme altogether.
Mary pressed her lips, and smiled ironically; she had Katharine at her mercy; she could, if she liked, discharge upon her head wagon-loads of revolting proof of the state of things ignored by the casual, the amateur, the looker-on, the cynical observer of life at a distance.