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But regarding the fact that two people directly linked with this group have been around the prime minister indicates that the Government's Office ignored the SIS warning.
Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet also ignored an order directing him to free Nasa activist and political commentator Miguna Miguna.
Parliament's members expressed strong indignation over the fact the UN chief ignored the sufferings of people sequestered in Tindouf camps and massive violations of human rights in these camps.
The last health minister also ignored our pleas and so we're lobbying the new health minister Mark Drakeford at this spring conference with the aim of making sure he knows the strength of feeling.
In all of them, the views of the most important people - the residents - had been completely ignored.
The bypass of Skopje by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presents Washington's message to Macedonia that as long as the name issue is not solved, we will be ignored by our biggest friend-USA.
My general recommendations were not only ignored but suppressed because they revealed that the project had no chance of meeting its then budget and even less chance of the trains meeting their timetable targets.
They have finally shown the true colours of leader Rodney Berman, deputy leader Neil McEvoy and Councillor Freda Salway by exposing evidence that they ignored reports from the governors of Rumney and Llanrumney High Schools.
A large majority of the public feel ignored by politicians and the media, according to a poll.
The Declaration of Independence, revered as a document but ignored as a guide to action, needs to be read from pulpits and podiums, on street corners and community radio stations throughout the nation.
Earth science has been singled out' and ignored by government, particularly work dealing with climate change, he said.
The Appellate Court applied the Roth Steel factors (Roth Steel Tube Company v Commissioner, 800 F2d 625) that it had developed in a prior debt/equity decision and, in a split decision, determined that the Tax Court bad ignored some of those factors and misapplied others.
BURBANK - An attorney for Robert Blake argued Friday that the award-winning actor - acquitted of his wife's murder - should receive a new trial in a wrongful-death suit because jurors ignored the judge's instructions.
Politicians ignored this advice for the next half century.
Nattras hits on a largely ignored issue in the church.