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  • noun

Synonyms for ignorance

unawareness of


  • unawareness of
  • inexperience of
  • unfamiliarity with
  • innocence of
  • unconsciousness of
  • greenness about
  • oblivion about
  • nescience of

Synonyms for ignorance

the condition of being ignorant; lack of knowledge or learning

the condition of being uninformed or unaware

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References in classic literature ?
And yet," said John, "I am sure the young ladies did not mean it; it was only ignorance.
Of not-being, ignorance was assumed to be the necessary correlative; of being, knowledge?
Such was then the extent of knowledge possessed by every American on the subject, and of which no one could decently profess ignorance.
Casaubon made no objection beyond a passing remark that the sum might be disproportionate in relation to other good objects, but when Dorothea in her ignorance resisted that suggestion, he acquiesced.
I found it simple, in my ignorance, my confusion, and perhaps my conceit, to assume that I could deal with a boy whose education for the world was all on the point of beginning.
Then the priest anoints himself with the grease and tallow of the cows, and sits down on a heap of straw, on the top and in the middle of a pile which is prepared; they set fire to it, and the whole heap is consumed without any injury to the priest, who while the fire continues harangues the standers by, and confirms them in their present ignorance and superstition.
Three days ago I received a letter from him, which stated his intention of changing his place of residence on the next day then ensuing, but which left me entirely in ignorance on the subject of the locality to which it was his intention to remove.