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set afire

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Their projectile, the course of which they could not alter, was rushing straight on this ignited mass, more intense than the open mouth of an oven.
In the eyes of every single person she detected a flame; as if a spark in the brain ignited spontaneously at contact with the things they met and drove them on.
About the walls were a number of flaming torches stuck in holes in a clay plaster which evidently served the purpose of preventing the inflammable wood and grasses of which the hut was composed from being ignited by the flames.
In 2006, the Bosch DI-Motronic/stratified charge combination will be modified such that a centrally located injector in the roof of the combustion chamber will spray an exceptionally fine stream of fuel into the cylinder that can be ignited immediately.
CPSC regards the risk associated with upholstered furniture fires ignited by small open flames (candles, matches, lighters) ripe for regulation.
Only fluffy, unpurified material ignited when flashed.
In this case, CPSC has responded that it knows of almost no incidents in which the outer plastic housing of inkjet printers has ignited and caused fire damage.
A spark jumped from the liquid to the can and ignited the methanol fumes.