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an Eskimo hut


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We said we would make some snow bunnies instead of a snow man, and he said we should make an igloo so tall we can get in it.
Offering a 360deg 'window on the word', the igloo has us picturing summer nights under the stars (maybe with a drink or two).
For more information about the Igloo FR210 Series, please visit: http://www.
The quaint getaway, with its igloos covered in thermal glass, is located north of the Arctic Circle where temperatures can drop up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, Thrillist reported.
It was dark when we entered the igloo which might be a bit scary for younger children.
Savills has been advising Igloo as residential agents for the development.
Carillion igloo has also ensured that its requirements for high levels of environmental sustainability and fuel efficiency have maintained the eco-homes standards which it set for its award-winning Malings development, located on the opposite bank of the Ouseburn river.
Igloo acquired the company from RAF Industries, which along with Cool Gear's founders--Donna and Hank Roth--will remain shareholders in the combined company.
This is the sort of business Igloo is hoping to attract to the 40,000 sq ft Gloworks Centre for Creative Industries, not far from the Roath Lock studios.
During the winter months, visitors can enhance their experience by either staying in the Glass Igloos or snow Igloos.
Her mother helped her make the ice cubes, but her first attempt to create an igloo melted and couldn't hold together.
The new Igloo SR100, SR150 ,SR200, SR200HP and SR250HP Bay Light heatsinks from GlacialTech are stamped for high performance cooling at a cost effective price, achieving up to 0.
Igloo Thermo Logistics (Igloo) the 4m [pounds sterling].
Give yours somewhere cosy for a cat nap in one of these cat igloos whatever your budget Comfort kitty igloo Now PS9.
1 April 2014 -US buyout firm ACON Investments LLC has bought domestic coolers producer Igloo Products Corp from private equity specialist JH Whitney, the target said.