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Synonyms for idolisation

the act of admiring strongly

the act of worshiping blindly and to excess


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Inspiring idolisation by their fans, their popularity has grown in accordance with their own 32-year trajectory; from young synthpop band to international stadium stars.
He made no secrets of his idolisation of Elvis in his early days - complete with the shaking hips and curled lip.
The political 'common sense' of the day, shared by much of the left and right, was a modernist cynicism that was comfortable with the destruction of entire communities in the name of 'slum clearance', the erection of tower blocks, the eradication of local identities, the closure of railways, and the idolisation of the emerging 'car culture'.
It wasn't as if I didn't want Kenny Dalglish to reclaim the manager's job; I just wasn't sure whether this Kenny would be the same one who laid claim to my eternal idolisation as a player and manager between 1977 and 1991.
He laments its exploitation of sex and idolisation of physical beauty and says reality television and even the news makes voyeurs of us.
The 64-year-old, who may slip back into a pin-striped suit and head back to New York's financial district in the sequel, said he failed to understand the reason behind the idolisation of the villainous role.
That was one of the most difficult parts of the process for most of the actors involved, It hink, to peel back the layers of idolisation and celebrity that surround the whole story.
After the First World War, a large number of them were already fascinated by the radical ideas of communism; many of them were then pushed to communism in the catastrophic world economic crisis, in some cases also because of the blind idolisation of the Soviet Union.
He also goes after what he calls the "American Idolisation of culture" where "quality is measured by thumbs, up or down.
The atmosphere was unforgettable, hundreds of people singing along with one thing in common: an idolisation of Avril.
Slick, clever marketing, disrespect for quality, healthy food and the idolisation and support of cheap and fast food.
which is ascribed not only to his upbringing and idolisation, but also to the 'clergy-fuelled guilt induced in him by the clash between his religion and his illicit liaisons'.
After the idolisation he had found after his stunning start, came the isolation as he battled back to fitness.
Starring among a superb crop of young talent given their break by Bobby Williamson, his sensational 25-yarder against Hearts the other week merely put the tin lid on a rise to idolisation from the terraces that has grown by the week.