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blindly or excessively devoted or adoring

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Thus, we find in the portrayal of the religious procession (which is progressing along the city street beyond the inner gate), that Hogarth draws upon the stock cliches of Protestant anti-Catholic satire, showing French peasants idolatrously worshiping the communion host, overawed by the extravagance of priestly ritual, but impervious to true religious feeling.
Only when stripped of his moralistic and idolatrously full-of-himself pretensions can Ivan "listen" and hear and finally find trustworthy the good news of the "strange thought" uttered by a voice from outside of himself proclaiming God's judging and justifying Word that "he had not lived as he should.
Simcox was clear that her relationship with Eliot was not a friendship, although she struggled to find exactly the right term for it: "Do you see darling that I can only love you three lawful ways, idolatrously as Frater the Virgin Mary, in romance wise as Petrarch, Laura, or with a child's fondness for the mother" (45).
The poet of the Chanson considers Muslims to be "Paynims" (that is, pagans) who idolatrously worship an unholy Trinity composed of Apollyon (Greek Apollo), the demon Termagant, and "Mahound" (or "Mahond," or "Mahomet").
The sonneteer, textually hoarding objects and bodily features of the beloved, idolatrously mistakes signs for things.
Less self-consciously than Sutter, but with similar deadly effect, Lance practices "lewdness" as a "sacrament" on his wife Margot's body, which he worships idolatrously and partakes of as a perverse communicant.
idolatrously in love with it," but can now no longer stand to see her portrait and screams at Geschwitz, "Take that picture out of my sight