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Synonyms for idol

graven image


Synonyms for idol

a material effigy that is worshipped

someone who is adored blindly and excessively

an ideal instance

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This time the eco-friendly idols of elephant headed god were made from degradable materials like paper mesh and water based colours instead of plaster of paris (POP) and other chemical materials that are harmful for the environment.
Today, he's one of the most sought- after idol makers in the NCR.
The format, based on the Brit hit "Pop Idol," has been a hit in more than 30 countries.
LOS ANGELES -- The second episode of Fox Reality Channel's Original series, "AMERICAN IDOL EXTRA" returns to its regular time slot this Thursday at 7 p.
While speaking with the publication, Seacrest said that he has always loved "American Idol," so if he could still be the host for the singing reality TV competition, he would definitely get on board.
7 (ANI): Artisans in Kolkata are busy giving finishing touches to the idols of Hindu deity Goddess Durga ahead of the upcoming Hindu festival, Durga Puja.
The police had been informed that attempts were on to sell a stolen idol of Lord Aadinath, weighing 92 kg.
Unlike ``American Idol,'' viewer votes only influence the outcome but don't determine who gets voted off each week.
LOS ANGELES -- The fourth season of Fox Reality Channel's Original series, "AMERICAN IDOL EXTRA" premieres at a special time on Thursday, March 26th, at 1 a.
com/2017/06/12/katy-perry-reveals-her-dream-american-idol-judges/) Extra's " Mario Lopez to say which celebrities she wants to work with on "American Idol.
A little more effort will be needed and a little more investment, but the idol will also be sold at the cost at which it's made.
The ``American Idols Live'' tour, featuring the show's latest winner, Taylor Hicks, along with finalists McPhee, Paris Bennett, Bucky Covington, Chris Daughtry, Mandisa, Kellie Pickler, Lisa Tucker, Elliot Yamin and Ace Young, will arrive at Staples Center on Aug.
Similar in spirit to a tailgate party, IDOL TONIGHT gets fans excited for the main event in a TV celebration dedicated to the most popular show on television.
This year, we have sent only two idols," said Biplab Pal, an Idol Maker.
When I made it onto `American Idol,' I knew that food -- my eating disorder -- was the one thing really holding me back,'' she told the magazine.