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a green or yellow or brown mineral consisting of a hydrated silicate

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One sample (S84-17) has 2 cm long square prisms of fine-grained sericite that are interpreted to be pseudomorphs of idocrase.
Retrograde metamorphic effects in siliceous marble include the formation of sericite pseudomorphs after idocrase (S84-17), chlorite after phlogopite, and the formation of almost pure calcite as the carbonate mineral.
Mode: Ca 55%, Bi 20%, Idocrase (pseudomorphed to sericite) 15%, Qu 7%, Mag 3%.
Before entering Mexico Niven had also collected more brookite, perovskite, apatite and idocrase from Magnet Cove, Arkansas, and had acquired more uranothorianite, thorogummite, yttrialite, gado-linite, fergusonite, cyrtolite and allanite from Barringer Hill, Texas.
We are still hoping to identify some of the Duke's other purchases from this sale, another highlight of which was "The most valuable Crystal known of the Idocrase, from Ala, Piemont; cost 600 francs; to be put up at [pounds sterling]24," for which the Duke parted with [pounds sterling]30.