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Synonyms for idly

Synonyms for idly

in an idle manner


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What face was that, in which a friendly smile changed to a look of half incredulous horror, which stiffened for a moment into one of pain, then changed again into an imploring glance at Heaven, and so fell idly down with upturned eyes, like the dead stags' he had often peeped at when a little child: shrinking and shuddering--there was a dreadful thing to think of now
The rest sat idly at a 5-hectare lot at Barangay Casambalangan, about 2 kilometers from Port Irene.
We cannot stand idly by while innocent women and children are being killed
We seem to be in a ridiculous situation here, the Government wants to lecture companies about their pay and bonuses in which they have no shareholding and in companies that are making profits and yet appear equally to be sitting idly by to allow a company where the Government is a majority shareholder to pay over PS500 million bonuses".
The families concluded that they will not "stand idly by, but rather organise peaceful protests that the regime will not be able to quell except by addressing our demands.
Mr Crow said: "With the NHS running out of beds, commuters bled dry and VAT sent sky high, they are still partying like it's 1999 down in the Square Mile while Vince Cable and the ConDem Government stand idly by.
Mr Crow said: "With the NHS running out of beds and flu vaccine, commuters bled dry and VAT sent sky high, they are still partying like it's 1999 down in the Square Mile while Vince Cable and the ConDem Government stand idly by.
Gordon Brown told a Downing Street news conference the row over pay, jobs and pensions was disrupting people's lives, adding: "When we, the government, are investing a huge amount of money in the postal services, it is not something we can either condone or we can stand idly by and say it is an acceptable form of behaviour.
Some Idahoans are not willing to sit idly by and allow such hateful legislation to be written into our constitution.
AND IF THE DEMO ENDS with any sort of product toss, don't stand idly by and let some other fucker catch that board.
In 2004, Cardinal McCarrick had already expressed his strong opposition to the two dozen bishops who felt they could no longer stand by idly when Catholic pro-abortion politicians challenged them by coming to Communion.
As a Jew, Rothschild should also know that it is against our precepts to stand idly by and be killed; one is obligated to defend oneself.
An Arab League delegation accused the Security Council on Tuesday of standing by idly while weeks of fighting between Israel and Lebanon's Hizbullah sow "the seeds of hatred and extremism" in the Middle East.
But the Congress that should put a stop to this abuse sits idly by except for a few members who occasionally grouse about increasingly imperial White House power.
WASHINGTON -- Casually conversing with a couple of writers an hour or so before Jae Seo was to take the mound against Washington on Sunday, Dodgers manager Grady Little idly remarked that it didn't seem like five full days had passed since the right-hander had last pitched.