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Idling diesel engines emit pollutants which can cause or aggravate a variety of health problems including asthma and other respiratory diseases, and the fine particles in diesel exhaust are a likely human carcinogen.
For over-the-road trucks, the Idle Free electric APU is The Complete Electric APU Solution(TM) that offers drivers and fleet operators a flexible, cost-effective alternative to discretionary idling without compromising performance, cost savings, driver comfort, or environmental safety.
At some schools, cars in a long queue wait outside the building, many of them idling.
The questions that have not been answerable, until recently, include how long had it been idling and how often does that happen?
Research says idling for more than 10 to 30 seconds uses more fuel than turning the engine off and starting it up again, said Lisa Arkin, executive director of the Oregon Toxics Alliance, a health-advocacy organization based in Eugene.
A check with several national insurers shows that cars stolen while idling will still be covered by insurers for theft, although authorities recommend against leaving a car running without anyone in it, because the driver may be violating some local ordinances that could result in a ticket or fine, or in some cities even imprisonment.
Unless you are trying to defrost the windshield or warm the interior of your car, idling is not required for today's vehicles," said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.
The giddy overuse of the remote starter and the growing trend to pre-heat cars by idling them has made a mockery of the state law that prohibits idling vehicles for longer than five minutes.
In recognition of the potential health impact of idling buses and exposure to TRAP at schools, the U.
Limiting the amount of time the diesel engines of parked trucks can be left idling has so many undiluted economic and environmental benefits that it's surprising rules are needed.
The Idle Guard 200 is a solid state, reliable timer that automatically prevents unnecessary engine idling in fleet and delivery vehicles.
According to a ThyssenKrupp spokesperson, the planned idling is a result of the current economic climate.
In essence, the article talked about idling the engine after startup and before shutdown to help circulate oil to the turbocharger and prevent bearing damage.
New York City is cracking down on excessive vehicle idling in its aggressive statewide campaign known as the Stop Smoking Initiative for Trucks.