idler pulley

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a pulley on a shaft that presses against a guide belt to guide or tighten it

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The cutter wheel does not start turning until the operator pulls a handle to shift the idler pulley which tensions the belt and the cutter wheel.
Notice how the drive belt goes around the motor pulley and the idler pulley (Fig.
The belt drive configuration uses an idler pulley to regulate belt tension.
At the motor, slide the belt under the idler pulley and around the motor pulley (Fig.
When belt width is greater than 6" or 8", automatic tracking devices often are used to control and center the belt between the contact wheel and the idler pulley or pulleys.
An idler pulley was needed behind the differential to allow the drive chain coming from the transmission to just pass under the differential chain gear, not around it.
deck or a V-belt with self-adjusting idler pulley on the 48 in.
Because the belt pulley on the tractor was mounted so low, an idler pulley was mounted on the right front axle to prevent the belt from rubbing on the axle hub.
One long lever beside the hopper started the contraption, instantly forcing it to hum, shim and shake by lowering an idler pulley onto the drive belt.
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