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Synonyms for idleness

Synonyms for idleness

Synonyms for idleness

having no employment

the quality of lacking substance or value

the trait of being idle out of a reluctance to work


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Manyang urged the women not to give up, pledging that his government will make a law against idleness in the state to ensure that "every body, including adults to work for themselves".
It justifies their bone idleness because they can't ever imagine applying themselves to do anything in their lives," The Daily Mirror quoted Armstrong, as saying.
MPLS IP-VPN service offers complete idleness for IPVPN access through CBLS (Complete Backup Link Service).
Siddiqui said that the scholarships were lost due to indifference, idleness, ignorance and carelessness of the department of education Sindh.
The records examine delights of marriage, charms of idleness, sorrows of hardship, and pleasures of roaming.
Idleness is a precious tool for reflection and creativity.
Short historical memory means short and unclear historic future," stated minister Donchev, adding that "Bulgaria's liberty today is threatened by poor judgment, idleness and apathy.
Most prisoners, not really their fault, lead a life of enforced, bored idleness, where for the majority of them even getting out of bed is voluntary.
With people compulsively checking text messages and tweeting updates on their whereabouts, idleness seems a thing of the past.
Not one that rewards idleness but one that helps people intowork and if people have towork for their benefits,why not?
1 thing people have to do to embrace idleness, he says, is to let go of the guilt.
Tom Rutter's contribution to this conversation is Work and Play on the Shakespearean Stage (2008), which explores ideas about "work" and "play" in early modern England and their ramifications for both those in the business of playing and playgoers; more specifically, Rutter employs close analyses of play-texts to illustrate the ways in which labor and idleness were represented on the stage to address specific segments of the socially conscious play-going public.
A statement from the bank's rate setting committee said, 'Considering the monetary easing implemented since January and, on the other hand, the margin of idleness in economic capacity, among other factors, the committee sees this level of benchmark interest rate as consistent with a scenario for benign inflation.