idiot savant

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person who is mentally retarded in general but who displays remarkable aptitude in some limited field (usually involving memory)

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The only person who seems strangled by his costume is the Idiot Savant (a scowling Willem Dafoe), whose all-too-human role is to try to make sense of the conundrums flung at him like weapons by the unseen Voice of the godlike director.
W]hat Wolff ultimately paints is a portrait of Murdoch as not just the preeminent tabloid journalist of our age but perhaps its first tabloid business giant--a consummate miner of human weakness from the newsstand to the boardroom, an idiot savant who instinctively understands people want a justification for giving into their lowest impulses.
ANSWERS: 1 "Daddy" Warbucks; 2 Nirvana; 3 John Adams; 4 Brazil; 5 Idiot Savant (knowledgeable idiot); 6 New York; 7 Six; 8 Baywatch; 9 A bird; 10 Dame Nellie
From the KLIATT starred review of the book, September 2006: "Moon Blake, the ten-year old protagonist of this novel, is like an idiot savant.
He's a tabula rasa with a platinum card, a mystery man and an idiot savant who parrots other characters' words back at them, making him seem more visionary or menacing than he probably is.
It was kind of like this idiot savant kind of thing.
Idiot savant calendrical calculators: Rules and regularities.
Surrounded by the socially ambitious or lofty, de Kooning played the idiot savant, epitomized by his quip to Mrs.
Grisham unintentionally--at least we hope so portrays Miss Callie as a sort idiot savant, filled with knowledge she is unable to put to use.
By launching CNN, the socialist idiot savant created the 24-hour news cycle, familiarized audiences around the world with the idea of globalization, proved the necessity of cable television, and inspired countless imitators who have collectively reshaped and improved the news media by giving voice to more and more viewpoints.
His idiot savant could solve massive mathematical problems in his head but, oddly, he grew to like Tom Cruise who played his brother.
He will wind up winning an Emmy for playing an autistic idiot savant who stops World War III by breaking the Pakistani code.