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Unlike my 13-year-old self, I don't plan my life about what's on the idiot box any more.
ATTENDANCE 39,863 FOR THE RECORD Sunderland broke their live TV hoodoo - a losing run on the idiot box stretching back to last Boxing Day.
has proven that the idiot box is not necessarily that
Tom Bromley recounts growing up in front of the idiot box in this warm and often hilarious memoir.
Left with no logical choice I turned off the idiot box, sat in the extreme corner of the TV lounge and indulged in envying the endless supply of unchecked luck these men and women are enchanted with for eternity.
B movies were the senior medium, far more formula-driven than films he should have sought on the boob tube, idiot box, glass teat, plug-in drug, that kept him indoors waiting in T-shirt and shorts for the clocks to chime five, when news of cold wars clouded the screen, mordant Western saga, ever the same standoff with Red enemies and a global village ever gaga at the prospect of massive fatalities.
Many other murderers appear: Alexander Pearce, a recent television subject, Peter Dupas, Martin Bryant, Ivan Milat, and some of the men featured more recently on the idiot box - such as Mario Condello and Carl Williams.
Turn off that idiot box and take a look around you.
And with prices falling rapidly on such devices, it's easy to overlook the negatives of putting an idiot box in the car.
Antichrist Television Blues is tormented modern country crying as it kicks against force-feeding from the idiot box.
If this is really true, it may have something to do with how much time the parents in question have spent with their children - how much they rely on the idiot box as a surrogate babysitter.
Seems to me like people stopped becoming involved once the idiot box showed up and started telling them how to think rather than forming opinions from experience and acting on them.
I HAD the good sense to take `Mental Moira' out for a Valentine's dinner last night, so should not have too much trouble hogging the idiot box tonight.
He has designed award-winning titles for Idiot Box (David Caesar, 1996), Dirty Deeds (David Caesar, 2002) and The Well (Samantha Lang, 1997).
It probably is worth noting that the special was made by Idiot Box Productions.