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Watching the idiot box, goes the argument, turns viewers into idiots.
The availability of these services in the Indian market marks a significant milestone - the transformation of the idiot box into a smart box.
Avid views of the idiot box would agree with this writer that during the past decade or so, this issue was publicized very "intelligently" so as to brainwash people in a very subtle manner by portraying it as yet another "normal.
If they're bouncing off the walls and making a general nuisance of themselves, the antidote is the idiot box.
And it's a win- win scenario for both TV channels and their audiences who don't mind 27X7 tamasha on the idiot box.
Yes, my wife was sitting in an empty room and applauding the idiot box.
Melbourne, Oct 16 ( ANI ): Sitting on the couch and staring at the idiot box could be taking years off your life - 4.
Black's idiot box bit hit its crescendo with a reminiscence of how he thought he would die when the television knob came off and he had to change channels by turning a pair of pliers, squeezing a little metal rod coming out of an electric box.
Or at least that is the impression she made via the idiot box, which has been known to lie.
Idiot box presenters Ant and Dec, who are in the papers or on the TV just about every day, are to revive the old telly show Name That Tune.
The reasoning behind this rule is obviously to make sure they do their homework instead of gazing aimlessly at the idiot box like semi-conscious junkies.
Our room had a television in the corner, but it was far too tranquil an environment for the idiot box to intrude, so it remained unused.
Website editor David Burke says: 'Once the game is switched off, we will try and encourage people to talk to each other instead of being glued to an idiot box.
It seems the idiot box has become the source of alternate realities that are becoming more popular than real reality.
Alas, Pawlowski seems to have missed that day, mistaking words like "bazaar" for "bizarre" and "fair" for "fare," in an otherwise insightful work brimming with enough anti-boob tube ammo to blow the idiot box to smithereens.