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Synonyms for idiosyncratic

Synonyms for idiosyncratic

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peculiar to the individual

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review the literature that has begun the collection of idiosyncratic risk information so as to contribute to the Meta-Analysis the intention of which is to recalibrate the CAPM,
It is to be regretted that some disarray in liturgical practices has encouraged idiosyncratic responses.
The question of whether public accounting disclosures trigger significant idiosyncratic information is central in understanding the role of accounting disclosures.
One can design a new ad hoc idiosyncratic interdisciplinary specialty, with a specially delimited subject matter and specially formulated conceptual and theoretical basis, research questions to be pursued, techniques and methods to be employed, type and style of result to be aimed at.
Vallone's approach is broad and eclectic, personal and idiosyncratic.
The goal is to produce seeds that promise a predictable crop of genetically consistent, laboratory-bred vegetables that meet certain idiosyncratic standards: a tomato square enough to be stacked conveniently and tough enough to withstand the rigors of mechanical harvesting; a barley that tolerates salty soil; a broccoli that can survive a drenching in Monsanto's best-selling herbicide.
is that like many of the commune-dwellers of the 1960s, Adams seems to believe that his highly idiosyncratic approach has universal application.
Some idiosyncratic investments (such a linking brand name and distributor name) may even hinder the transition to a replacement distributor.
This rating captures the idiosyncratic default risk, or underlying credit risk of a company, which is closely linked to its capital structure and business position.
The well-documented negative relationship between idiosyncratic volatility and stock returns is puzzling if investors are risk-averse.
We document that average marketwide relative effective bid-ask spreads forecast aggregate market returns only when controlling for average idiosyncratic variance.
control over management decisions to pursue her idiosyncratic vision for
BAGHDAD / NINA / Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Integrity, Talal Khudair al-Zobaie discussed with Sheikh Ahmed Hassan al-Taha, head of the Iraqi idiosyncratic council security and political situation in the country.
Summary: Illustrator Sir Quentin Blake, famed for his idiosyncratic drawings and collaborations with Roald Dahl, has received a knighthood.
2007) considers that [beta]-risk may not account for sufficient explanatory power of the variation in a stock returns because the residuals of the Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM) are influenced by these other sources of covariance (Rosenberg 1974), referred to as non-systematic risk (hereinafter, idiosyncratic risk) (1).