idiopathic disease

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any disease arising from internal dysfunctions of unknown cause

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First, lobsters from Rhode Island have considerably more idiopathic disease syndromes and significantly greater intensities of disease than their counterparts from Maine.
Populations of patients with idiopathic disease are readily available," he says.
It is most commonly observed in patients receiving long-term exogenous steroid therapy, but can also be seen in patients with endogenous steroid overproduction, obesity, or idiopathic disease.
Patients with idiopathic disease were also significantly more likely than controls to have a history of chronic kidney disease or failure (5% vs.
For example, mutations in PRSSl, CFTR, SPINK1, and chymotrypsin C genes [now] can be detected in a significant subset of patients previously considered to have idiopathic disease," they said.
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