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Synonyms for idiomatic

Synonyms for idiomatic

of or relating to or conforming to idiom


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A magnifying-glass-in-hand study of the phraseological material allows us to identify both the historically oldest senses encapsulated in idiomatic formations, and the most recent phraseological formations.
Key words:New idioms, idiomatic expressions, YoruIbai literary texts, communication strategy
Keywords: Innovative interpreting pedagogies, audiovisual interpreting practice, idiomatic language, colloquial language, authentic paramedic language, pragmatic equivalence
The evolution of new idioms and idiomatic expressions thus becomes a coping strategy to meet the new communicative challenges.
Crossing the Rubicon is an idiomatic expression which means reaching a point of no return.
A Dictionary of Idiomatic Expressions in Written Arabic: For the Reader of Classical and Modern Texts
Its idiomatic nuances, rich vocabulary (or conversely the lack of richness surrounding a topic), and variations in dialect teach lessons on cultural values that can't be learned in a book.
Voicebox Artistic Director Guillermo Silva-Marin was suitably idiomatic as the Cantador, a sort of traditional wedding singer, and then there was Enrique.
Keith Terrett, a UK musician and educator with an extremely broad range of experience and interests, has arranged the vocal lines for horn, changing keys and altering articulations to make the lines more idiomatic and expressive for our instrument.
The Idiomatic Phrases campaign--an ingenious way to advertise training courses and simultaneously stimulate the minds of the target audience, ran from June 2013 to May 2014.
Szpila works through phraseology in a study of word combinations, scriptor idiomatics, an analysis of idioms in a literary text, his formal aspects of idiomatic actualization, idiomatic modifications, and conceptualizations of formal meaning and function.
Another Hebrew melody Kaddish by Ravel is an inspired choice - colourful, idiomatic and never mere pastiche.
Here are modern idiomatic, fantastically illustrated retellings of familiar fables like Dog and Wolf, Fox and Grapes, Crow and Fox, Lion, Fox and Wolf, Wolf and Lamb, Mouse and Lion, Frog and Bull, Cockerel, Dog and Fox, Mosquito, Lion and Spider, fir Tree and Thornbush, The Axe and the Trees, Partridge and the Fighting Cocks, and the Town Mouse and Country Mouse.
In the course of time, a need of classification of English idiomatic expressions has occurred in order to "control" extensive portions of the language and to practically incorporate them into English language teaching.