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Synonyms for idiom

Synonyms for idiom

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for idiom

a manner of speaking that is natural to native speakers of a language


the usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people

an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up

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This Design Idiom is about ensuring we put great design at the heart of what we do for now and the future.
When the DMN model is complete and verified, the IDIOM executable form of the model(s) can be downloaded directly from the Trisotech DMN modeller interface as a cloud service or as a stand-alone executable (C# or Java) for unconstrained use by the customer.
My answer is the domain of idioms or set communicative formulae, as they represent culture connotations, codes and symbols, describing the ideas of 'good' and 'bad' in every society [15;16].
For example, the literally translated English idiom to fall into the same trap--patekti i tuos pacius spastus, will be easily understood by Lithuanians, though the same idea is expressed in Lithuanian as to step on the same rake (Lithuanian uzlipti ant tu paciu grebliu).
By extending these solutions with plug'n'play application logic, IDIOM is extending the range of solutions that can be built using Talend's highly scalable and versatile data management framework," said Mark Norton, IDIOM Product Director.
Washington, Sep 15 (ANI): While many people tend to use idioms very frequently and easily, Italian researchers have found that when it comes to understanding them, humans have to use both sides of their brain.
Idioms are combinations of words that have a special meaning when used together.
side, including Armitage, has confirmed that he used that exact idiom in the Sept.
The variety of musical idioms represented is probably most familiar--and therefore most appealing--to young and middle-aged adults who play recreationally and who have reached an advancing intermediate level of attainment at the piano.
For Maria the divinity resided not in the written page at all but in an impalpable and transient oral world; and while her sisters, against the usual assumption, recognized that " Maria Maddalena's orality meant something," they could convey that orality only be cavesdropping on Maria's private raptures and "translating" that orality -- that "lost test" -- into an idiom the creator herself never intended.
As regards the definition of idiom adopted in the present paper, the key principle will be the non-compositionality of meaning (after Hockett 1958 and Makkai 1972).
Sedan Day, a celebration of the national conducted in a local idiom, addressed political and social issues that "became obsolete" with the rise of popular politics after 1890.
He argues that this form already exists, that it is an indigenous form, and he calls it the blues idiom.
These gestures toward idiom on a company of terrific performers diminishes the power of the piece.
Idiom, a kind of "language," can be conceptual, musical, architectural or linguistic (e.