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in the Roman calendar: the 15th of March or May or July or October or the 13th of any other month

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It's hard to tell if Shakespeare would roll in his grave if he saw Krispy Kreme tweeting about the Ides, or if he'd laugh; he was, after all, a man who appreciated a good pun.
If the 1099G tax form is misplaced, another can be printed from IDES website.
NET, which is the most used IDE, had the best libraries/frameworks, while the fast growing open source Eclipse IDE had the best ability to integrate third party tools.
AccuBridge for Visual Studio(R) - AccuRev has expanded its Visual Studio integration by offering developers the flexibility of using AccuRev software transparently within the Visual Studio IDE.
As well as strengthening the company's position in music publishing, Ide said that despite the criticism, Sony has been working hard to establish itself as a distributor of digital music.
5-inch IDE Plus provides a smooth migration for demanding applications within military and aerospace, telecommunication, transportation and factory automation systems.
IDE disks are fast, with media rates off the disks of over 45 MB/sec.
The IDE allows the manufacturer to study the device on a specified number of human patients according to the protocol without meeting all FDA requirements for marketed devices.
ActiveState, the leading provider of tools and services for dynamic languages, released the latest version of Komodo IDE today at RailsConf 2007, introducing unparalleled Ruby and Ruby on Rails support to the award-winning development environment.
Rational Rose RealTime facilitates a top-down approach to software design that makes it easy to conceptualize and structure complex applications," added David Abelow, director of alliance marketing for Rational Software "The MULTI IDE, together with Green Hills' optimizing compilers, make it easy for Rational Rose RealTime users to debug and optimize their applications for deployment on high-availability, and deeply embedded target systems.
8 percent from 1998, which was twice that of multi-user server platform units, and UDMA or IDE RAID cards grew 167 percent from the previous year.
MATLAB([R]), Simulink([R]) and Real-Time Workshop([R]) Software Plug-Ins Added to MPLAB IDE Version 7.
A full-featured, multi-language IDE, its timesaving features include integrated online help and an interactive remote debugger.
If you are running one drive on a PC with Windows 95/98, you won't notice the difference between SCSI and IDE.
the leading provider of development tools and services for dynamic languages, today announced the release of Komodo IDE 4.