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an advocate of some ideology

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At least six persons were detained when the bust of the prominent right-wing ideologue came under attack at Kalighat area of south Kolkata.
VD Savarkar has been the major ideologue from whom most of the Hindu nationalists draw their inspiration.
He faces charges of being a Maoist ideologue in Telangana, Jharkhand and Punjab.
By viewing ideology as not simply a neutral system of beliefs, but a particular, group-based, way of thinking, the relationship between ideology and ideologue thus comes into view, as does the need for a definition of the latter.
In 1999, however, a power-struggle between Bashir and Turabi worsened, as the military dictator accused the Islamist ideologue of trying to control the regime.
The NC ideologue opined that the new constitution's preliminary draft can be prepared by May 28 if the parties become serious for the cause.
He traces the development of Musgrave's notions, his various expressions of them, and their impact on the politics of religion in Ireland through the stages of his private life and public career to 1786, his emergence as a conservative ideologue to 1797, Memoirs of the Different Rebellions in Ireland and the reaction to it, his later propagating, and his leadership in the faction.
He is not a blinded ideologue and he carefully describes the thinking of Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and others who believed conquering Iraq would be easy, and those in the Defense Department and the State Department who understood the Middle East and the dangers of creating a power void in Iraq.
The new director, Radislav Trkulja, a painter who enjoyed the support of right-wing ideologue Dragos Kalajic, promulgated an invented history of Serbian art based largely on mytho-erotic painting that aimed to legitimize an official politics based on violence (and, implicitly, sex) in the name of ethnic superiority.
It wasn't until fifty years after his death in 1900 that, thanks to the work of a German-Jewish scholar, Walter Kaufmann, the public (parts of it anyway) began to realize that this philo-Semitic opponent of Wilhelminian imperialism was nothing like the monstrous "Aryan" ideologue he had been mistaken for.
Bhattaria, the party's most senior ideologue, was ranked No.
More than 20 other members and sympathisers, however, remain uncharged but in custody, including party leader and prominent Islamic ideologue Hassan Turabi.
Abdullah Mohammed Rashid al-Roshoud, believed to be the chief ideologue for al Qaeda in the region, died in the clash n eastern Riyadh yesterday.
Like Bill Clinton, who squandered his political capital on gays in the military, trying to socialize medicine, and his legacy on promiscuity, Newt belongs in the category of failed ideologue rather than prophetic leader.
For me that's going to be cruising the interstate in the biggest gas pig I can get on credit--a wasteful, expensive, polluting rolling meat locker that's frowned upon by every ideologue and rulie who thinks there's a right way and a wrong way to do everything.