ideological barrier

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a barrier to cooperation or interaction resulting from conflicting ideologies

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She also underlined the "rejuvenation and reinvigoration of the response: 70% of the finalists are women and 60% under 30 years old" participating in a "unique award that breaks down ideological barriers bringing together journalists from the Middle East and the Gulf".
Speaking on the occasion, HH the Emir said: "Although sport is the cause of our gathering here in Doha today, it's always important to remember that sport is not a mere activity for fun and entertainment, but a tool and a means for building communities, thanks to its ability to entrench the principles of justice, peace, unity, friendship, co-operation and co-existence, in addition to its ability to transcend cultural and ideological barriers and all forms of disparity.
IN BREADWINNERS, Lara Vapnek examines the efforts of women in three industrialized northern cities to organize around their rights as economic citizens in late 19th and early 20th century America; in doing so, she strikes a nice balance between exploring the political and ideological barriers to women's organizing and women's concerted efforts to challenge those barriers.
Our job as nurses is to ensure those legislative and ideological barriers are broken down and New Zealand can, once more, claim the number one spot for health care outcomes.
Zuckerman believes that local webloggers should become the bridges between different cultures and nations, so that real information can get through cultural and ideological barriers.
It is testimony to an historic failure of political will that Europe's leaders only began to negotiate past those ideological barriers when faced with a crisis of this magnitude.
Added to this, the author includes all religions as essentially ideological barriers to the promise of tolerance and understanding in the future among the world's peoples.
Reville's educational expertise on the local, state and national front is well-respected and transcends ideological barriers.
It explores both the practical and ideological barriers to change in health services and education and looks at some of the key issues for young people anal sexual health.
That commitment paved the way to agreement by helping everyone transcend ideological barriers and find a remarkable degree of consensus on concrete, real-world solutions.
Names are mangled, and the subtleties of doctrinal points sometimes are lost in the court recorders' and inquisitors' inability to cross linguistic and ideological barriers.
And there is a persuasive literature on this subject: Gabriel Rotello's "Sexual Ecology," for example, offers a documented and powerful account of the behavioural and ideological barriers to monogamy among gay men.
And he will add, ``The Welsh Conservatives would set about removing the ideological barriers to ensure high-quality healthcare free at the point of need.
My former political science professor began a class stating that Congress was designed not to work -- the necessity to reach consensus on any one issue, coupled with strong ideological barriers to compromise, makes it extremely difficult for a bill to become a law.