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concerned with or suggestive of ideas


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Speech act theory provides Lanser with the necessary theoretical framework to bridge the gap between structural approaches to narrative and the understanding of text as an ideological and aesthetic act.
As the old moral and cultural ethos pitilessly wanes, it is steadily being replaced by ideological superstructures and relativistic methodologies that arbitrarily reconstruct human nature so as to be in sync with the Rousseauistic general will that tolerates no opposing viewpoint.
This committee, without any legal knowledge and with a clear ideological bias, will be monitoring and forcing changes to Brazil's constitution and laws, unfortunately with the support of the Brazilian bishops' conference," he wrote, "The damage has been done already.
When the written narrative transitions have been silenced by the film, or when there are no written transitions in the first place, the film makes the viewer aware of the incoherence of Matthew's story, the narrative failures that the ideological functioning of the canon seeks to cover up, or to fill in.
3] Rather, the organization of the Islamists is characterized by a nebulous network of myriad groups, followings, and religious orientations, best described as an assortment of tendencies or ideological clusters.
Services on maintenance and repair of electricity consumption meters at the facilities of the ideological work, culture and youth department of zhodino city executive committee
Islamic Ideological Council had also opposed the public hanging, he added.
The PTI ideological group also claimed having close contacts with party chief Imran Khan.
Analyzing a dataset of human resource management articles published during five decades, Itani explores the ideological evolution of human resource management from the 1950s to the present in a twofold manner.
Deconstruction of working model stereoscopic multi-demission of ideological and political education for college students in computer science major
NOWSHERA -- Ideological workers group in Pakistan People's Party (PPP) criticized the provincial president of PPP for destroying the party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
However, this is not always true as non-democratic states in the MENA region and elsewhere in the Muslim majority world had constantly attempted to control ideological power -- Islamic religion and its organisations in this case -- before Islamic movements even came to exist in the form we know today.
The Count envisioned ideology to be a 'science of formation of ideas' and a replacement for theology hence excluding all religious studies from the ideological system.
A few years ago, the contemporary Kremlin political strategist Viacheslav Surkov observed that the massive apparatus used by the Soviet state to inculcate ideological doctrine via the mass media, school curricula, youth groups, fine arts, political education, and so on was one of the greatest achievements of the Soviet regime.
He begins by explaining the foundation of Marxist research into the functioning of alienation and subjecting the unconscious effects of ideological practices, rituals, and discourses.