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a scalar matrix in which all of the diagonal elements are unity


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Pairwise nucleotide sequence identity matrix of 15 GRSPaV isolates from Brazil and 12 representative isolates from the GenBank, generated using SDT software.
Distances of 3D trajectories are calculated and compared with point based VPC, whose features error weight matrix Q (i) is also set to an 8 x 8 identity matrix.
A comparison of the identity matrix of nucleotide sequences of other FeLVs indicated 97.
This variant has been used in the context of spectral dichotomy for a general matrix [1, 3], where the identity matrix was used in step 2 instead of [W.
where the matrix I is an 4 x 4 identity matrix, c is given in (3-4), and the inverse of [M.
Also, finding an in situ program of a linear mapping using linear assignments is equivalent to rewriting a matrix as a product of assignment matrices (matrices equal to the identity matrix except on one row).
Assume [mu] [not equal to] 0, denoted by I the identity matrix in R, and let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
n], [cross product] denotes the Kronecker product, and I is the identity matrix with size M x M.
The matrix D(z) is said to be column monic if its highest column degree coefficient matrix is the identity matrix.
Where I is the identity matrix of order n and [parallel] [[parallel].
Diagonal loading (DL) is one of the widely used techniques to improve robustness of the SMI against the errors [4,8-12], where a scaled identity matrix is added to the sample correlation matrix.
I is the identity matrix, and O is the zero matrix.
From the perspective of the reports drawn up during the peacekeeping operations, the complex problem of identity is related to the fact that the identity matrix is built within a cultural framework.