identity crisis

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distress and disorientation (especially in adolescence) resulting from conflicting pressures and uncertainty about one's self and one's role in society

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Although Identity Crisis has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol, Oruche says performing in Liverpool has always been special: "When I performed at the Black-E, the play was new and I was not as confident.
You know, we play a lot with Edward having identity issues, and so this is another identity crisis for him.
It is the identity crisis which has initiated such violence," BJP state vice president Chandra Kumar Bose told ANI.
I had a big identity crisis because I had blue eyes and no one else in my family had blue eyes.
Although we have never legally left Yorkshire, the creation of -rst Teesside County Borough and then Cleveland County left us with an identity crisis, when an unequivocal sense of belonging is the bedrock of a successful society and a buoyant economy.
A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked "Do you think the pressures of globalization have pushed the Pakistani youth into an identity crisis or not?
The question typically arises when there is a struggle with identity or an identity crisis.
Erol Rizaov analyzes for Utrinski Vesnik that the Serbian politics is running away from facing its history, with the wars on the threshold of the 21 century that dramatically reduced the material and human resources of the country while Macedonia, instead of using the advantages that it broke out of Yugoslavia without a bullet shot, is in search of ancient history and more glorious past on the account of Slavism that causes an identity crisis.
BIHAR ministers will not have to face an identity crisis anymore.
In addition to our academic identity crisis, we are now directly affected by a financial dilemna, too.
She follows Olivia through the years as she grows up alongside the children of her mother's employer and struggles with her resulting identity crisis.
Professor Izaim Murtezani stated that Macedonia is facing an identity crisis and is therefore trying to create different myths.
It's Over suffers identity crisis, starting like Sabbath and turning summery Beach Boy pop.
But Lisbon is no panacea to EuropeAEs current identity crisis.
But Lisbon is no panacea to Europe's current identity crisis.