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The identity card provides a free visa to Russia for foreigners who bought tickets for the World Cup, and the fans will be able to enter Russia 10 days before the start of the tournament and stay there until 10 days after the tournament.
It is not necessary to create a digital data base that includes the citizen's pictures and fingerprints as data recognition is made through an electronic chip integrated in the identity card and not through information included in the data base, the INPDP pointed out.
Until recently Pakistan did not have any concept of officially issuing identity cards mentioning the third gender.
Nadra officials assured the court that the transgender will be issued a new identity card with the name of the guru in place of the father, after which the court disposed the petition.
Due to Government of Senegals leadership, innovative thinking and initiative, Senegal is the first of fifteen (15) states in Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to implement multi-application biometric identity cards with voter cards.
Eisa, Israel had revoked the identity cards of 140,000 Palestinians from the West Bank between when Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967 and 1994, when Israel signed the Oslo Peace Agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
CHP Deputy Chairman Umut Oran asked whether the Turkish government was arranging identity cards for FSA militants and members based in Istanbul.
He instructed that all proposals, including the updating database through linkages with the birth and death registration system and the issuance of National Identity Cards to citizens, be brought for approval at the earliest.
27 ( ANI ): In a major move, residents of Assam received their voter identity cards for the first time, who otherwise used to carry other documents on polling day to vote.
He complained they travelled on insecure routes and spent 400 afghanis as transport fare to reach the provincial capital, but they were denied issuing national identity cards in one day.
We found the soldier's identity card only tens of meters away from one of the torched cars, which means the Israeli army was involved in the attack.
Manama, May 1st (BNA) -- GCC General Secretariat adopted the unified identity card reader's programme established by the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by Central Information and Communication Organization.
December 11 2011 (TUR) -- Passages increased after identity card application began in Turkish-Georgian border gates.
Karachi -- Zong, a fast growing telecom network of Pakistan, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with international Students Identity Card (ISIC) Association represented by Alive Asia in Pakistan.
The launch of the biggest biometric census project in the world in India in 2010, aiming to provide more than a billion Indians with a unique identification number (UID), came at the same time as Britain abandoned, for political and financial reasons, its national identity card project, despite the fact that it had been set out in the 2006 "Identity Cards Act".