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Synonyms for identity

Synonyms for identity

the set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable

the quality or condition of being exactly the same as something else

Synonyms for identity

the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity

the individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known

an operator that leaves unchanged the element on which it operates

References in classic literature ?
By taking advantage of the fact that he and Werper always were kept together, Mugambi sought to learn what the other knew of the whereabouts of Tarzan, or the authorship of the raid upon the bungalow, as well as the fate of Lady Greystoke; but as he was confined to the accidents of conversation for this information, not daring to acquaint Werper with his true identity, and as Werper was equally anxious to conceal from the world his part in the destruction of his host's home and happiness, Mugambi learned nothing--at least in this way.
These cases of relationship, without identity, of the inhabitants of seas now disjoined, and likewise of the past and present inhabitants of the temperate lands of North America and Europe, are inexplicable on the theory of creation.
This guiding identity runs through all the surprises and contrasts of the piece, and characterizes every law.
If the identity expresses organized rest, the counter action runs also into organization.
Wherever the impulse exceeds, the Rest or Identity insinuates its compensation.
Questions of identity, where instances of personal resemblance are concerned, are, in themselves, the hardest of all questions to settle--the hardest, even when they are free from the complications which beset the case we are now discussing.
This demographic category can accurately be called "cultural Christian" characterizing those who maintain Christian identity and acknowledge Christianity's major cultural traditions (usually holidays), but who don't necessarily accept Christian beliefs and creeds.
It is also a time when children begin to mature mentally and think more about their identity and where they fit in the world.
Keywords: fatherhood, incarceration, prison, father involvement, identity
Identity theft can range from unauthorized use of a credit card to borrowing money in someone else's name or even assuming another's identity to commit a violent crime.
Stryker (1968) noted that there are three characteristics of an identity.
4 million Americans say they have been victims of identity theft or fraud since 1990, with more than 13 million since January 2001 and rising.
Such stories are common to law enforcement authorities, who, almost daily, receive calls and complaints pertaining to identity theft across the country.
Yet in recent years, some comics creators have demonstrated that the superhero genre's own conventions can invite a more nuanced depiction of minority identity.
Prosecutors say Frank was the victim of the fastest-growing crime in America: identity theft.