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a symbol that establishes the identity of the one bearing it

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At least 100,000 Coast students will miss the Tuesday deadline to produce validated birth certificates before registration for unique identifiers, a Knut official has said.
The senators' letter expresses concern about CMS's conflicting statements and urges CMS to support the inclusion of device identifier information on the Medicare claim form in order to better track faulty devices.
amp;nbsp;Remembering the correct identifier for a particular light bulb and finding that identifier from a list of 40-50 identifiers can be a difficult and time-consuming process.
With an ORCID identifier, authors can distinguish themselves from others with similar or identical names.
LabelLink enables installers to access a single centralized LinkWare Live data file where unique identifiers for network cables and components can be stored then downloaded wirelessly to Brother PT-E550W labelers or Fluke Versiv testers at the jobsite.
Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) has been adopted by Deutsche Bank to identify syndicated loans that sit in collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) and other credit based structures.
In an attempt to please more of the people more of the time, we're now starting to use the city name with the airport identifier in parentheses, but that can create a space issue--sometimes every character counts.
For example, Kunze (2003) introduces an identifier as the association between one string and one thing.
These problems include Multihoming, Dual/Overriding role of IP address as identifier of the host and locator of the host.
NASDAQ: QADA) (NASDAQ: QADB) said it has developed a solution for medical device manufacturers to help meet the Unique Device Identifier rules as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-October 7, 2014-QAD announces Unique Device Identifier compliance solution
For mortgage loans, a single loan identifier that is universally used for every loan does not exist.
Federal officials are also hoping to ease administrative burdens by requiring health plans to use a single, uniform identifier for all their transactions.
The use of a unique identifier will allow medical practices to make greater use of automation in claims processing, according to the proposed rule, in turn saving time and money, HHS officials estimate that over 10 years, the return on investment for the entire health care industry will be between $700 million and $4.
My travels with the Naval Safety Center survey team has shown that 90 percent of the commands we look at are not using the Unique Identifier System as required.