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being one and not another or others; not different in nature or identity

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The conditions selected were identic to those used for the sample preparation and analysis of essential oils in Achillea millefolium L.
L'AC es mes moderat en la forma que altres textos lul-lians, pero el fons critic i reformador es identic.
Identity, as constituting the integrity of a static entity or "self," is, it would seem, a deceptive chimera:</p> <pre> Identity is nought but motion mechaniz'd To give it centre, radii, and a sphere, Like river flowing whose identic self Nor here nor there exists but all is chang'd While circling eddies hold resembling form; So mind or conscience like the eddy moves And vibrates sense to navel matter's flux, Self is not sameness but a central point Whose conscience moves to join effect and cause [.
Commenting on its own status as retroactive origin, this poem takes as its theme problems of self-identification and identic conversion.
The methanol station features new fueling technology developed by Identic, a Swedish firm which worked with the Methanol Fuel Cell Alliance to develop the system.
At that the proof for the change of the Finnic 3PSg *-sen > Saamic 3PSg -s would be provided by a phonetically identic equivalence of the change--the phonetic evolvement of the Saamic imperative 3PDu verbal inflection, e.
DUX Dental is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality dental products, including Zone Temporary Cement, Identic Alginate and Bib-Eze disposable bib holders, as well as its award-winning PeelVue sterilization pouches.
216 Cod penal cu privire la insusirea bunului gasit, continutul acestor doua texte de lege fiind aproape identic.
All three Services' prosecuting authorities were established at the same under the Armed Forces Act 1996, and the powers of each of the Services' prosecuting authorities are identic al.
Am putea considera ca procedura parlamentara conduce la o abrogare din punct de vedere formal a ordonantei de urgenta, dar nu si din punct de vedere material, continutul reglementarii fiind receptat la nivelul unui nou corpus normativ, fie in mod identic, fie cu modificari sau completari, constituit prin jonctiunea cu continutul concret al legii de aprobare.
Legiuitorul francez trateaza in mod identic problema conditiilor esentiale de validitate a unei conventii, stipuland in cuprinsul art.