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being one and not another or others; not different in nature or identity

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This type has a subtype (1c') with a monosyllabic weak-grade stem in the partitive singular forms, which is identic with the first syllable of the corresponding disyllabic weak-grade stem, cf.
Por su parte, y en la misma direccion, David Guixeras y Xavier Renedo, en su antologia Llibres, mestres i sermons (Barcelona, Barcino, 2005), escriben lo siguiente: <<Per als nobles i per als ciutadans Eiximenis va presentar un programa d'estudis practicament identic al del princep.
and forces reconsideration of the cultural logic that the physical body is the site of identic intelligibility" (1996, 4).
The agents further found out the list contained names of deceased people, wrong addresses and a large number of identic handwritings.
Eventually even the most conscientious legal system hands the narrative of justice through the prison wall, where the final interpretation is a translation from words into chains and batons; in this moment, an act of remapping is essential to the prison writers identic survival.
The conditions selected were identic to those used for the sample preparation and analysis of essential oils in Achillea millefolium L.
L'AC es mes moderat en la forma que altres textos lul-lians, pero el fons critic i reformador es identic.
1061, 1062 (1986); Draft of an Identic Circular Note Proposed to and Approved by Secretary of State Knox, to be sent to the American Ambassadors at London, Berlin, and Paris (Nov.
Even in Latvian, where the terms libiesu valoda and libiskais dialekts are not completely identic, non-experts sometimes confuse these two concepts.
Remington may also have appeared insignificant by the time the case reached the Supreme Court because Remington stipulated "that any decree entered against Remington should be identic with the decree which might be entered against [IBM].
Identity, as constituting the integrity of a static entity or "self," is, it would seem, a deceptive chimera:</p> <pre> Identity is nought but motion mechaniz'd To give it centre, radii, and a sphere, Like river flowing whose identic self Nor here nor there exists but all is chang'd While circling eddies hold resembling form; So mind or conscience like the eddy moves And vibrates sense to navel matter's flux, Self is not sameness but a central point Whose conscience moves to join effect and cause [.
Commenting on its own status as retroactive origin, this poem takes as its theme problems of self-identification and identic conversion.
Frankfurter concluded that mere verbal differences were being used to express "intrinsically identic [sic] views about the governing legal principles.
The postmodern, epistemological sobering up of rationality's "delirium" critics have talked about, and risk discourse as a critique of the globalization of risk in the "second" modernity have common goals and draw from identic, "post-rationalist" premises.
So to understand literature merely as an opportunity for identic consolidation--in which African Americans read Toni Morrison, Anglo Americans read John Updike, and Jewish Americans read Saul Bellow--is to deprive it of its most powerful role as a aid to identic expansion.