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unchanged in value following multiplication by itself

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every SVV algebra has a distinguished idempotent subalgebra isomorphic to a KLR algebra.
In short, for an inductively idempotent system, explanation is equivalent to identification; the system is its own identity, and the system is dually (formally and topologically) self-distributed over its own fundamental constituents or points (distribution of syntax over a point denotes the logical binding and/or topological bounding of a coherent element by the syntax; the point and its structure and dynamics must conform to all applicable syntactic forms and constraints).
n], n > 1, which arise from the idempotent integral of H.
As A is semi-simple and commutative, A has also a basis of pairwise orthogonal idempotents [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], where J denotes the all ones matrix.
The primitive idempotent e induced by [mathematical expression not reproducible] is said to be of type [lambda] [member of] {I, II, III} if [mathematical expression not reproducible] is a [2.
Thus, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the matrix product, AV , is asymptotically idempotent.
Note that the GP-2TWA is monotonic, bounded and idempotent.
Let S be a regular semigroup with set E(S) of idempotent elements.
Contrary to the orthogonal projection is idempotent and Hermitian, the oblique one is idempotent and not Hermitian.
Since the mapping [sigma] is idempotent, [sigma]([empty set]) = S and [sigma]([H.
is an n x n symmetric idempotent matrix with rank n - p in which the prime denotes the matrix transposition and [(X'X).
H] is an idempotent matrix [37], minimization of J (j, [f.
12: Let H be a closed inverse sub semigroup of S, and let e [member of] H be an idempotent element of S and also [aa.
In particular, they are idempotent and they follow the semi-group absorption law, i.