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being of the nature of a notion or concept

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Keywords: Ideational Grammatical Metaphor, Rhetoric and Discourse analysis, Contextual Information
45) postulates that logical meaning is a part of ideational meanings which is devoted to the clause complex hence logical function occurs in a clause complex.
The Ideational Metafunction represents the events in sentences in terms of doing, feeling or being, through the Transitivity system, which involves: (a) Participants; (B) Processes and (c) Circumstances.
While the West as it had evolved over 500 years faced social disintegration and "catastrophic transition to a new culture," the human quest for order and meaning would prevail, leading away from the sensate to a yet indeterminate ideational society.
San Akca's primary hypotheses of ideational contiguity and a history of conflict against the target state are intuitive and well-established elements that stem from the "enemy of my enemy" theory.
The competition of ideas which provides for objective to acquire ideational proposals for the realization of n.
Amalgamation of both material and non-material or ideational factors can explain this question of non-use more clearly.
While legal or regulatory obligations to run health systems have primarily remained at the level of national governments, the ideational and discursive exchanges about suitable models, appropriate reforms, and socially protective arrangements extends to various transnational forums across multiple scales.
The first section of the review will examine the theme pertaining to how water security relates to the ideational value that physical structures have to governments as well as to rural populations.
This ideational femaleness took amazingly different shapes though its nature was not that of Woman.
The CJT consists of three elements--economic crisis, ideational change, and the nature of the policy change--that must be identified for us to be able to declare with some certainty if the changes to social partnership policy constituted a critical juncture.
2006) found that scores for divergent-thinking tests were a significant predictor of scores from the Runco Ideational Behavior Scale (RIBS; Runco et al.
The ideational construct that postulates a confrontation between Islam and the West is potent and resilient.
This article seeks to expand upon the established conception of 'actually existing neoliberalism', strengthening its ideational focus, suggesting that neoliberal 'theory' is itself a complex, heterogeneous and contradictory body of thought.
I was searching for a form of expression, one that was spatial, ideational and aesthetic at the same time.