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Synonyms for idealised

exalted to an ideal perfection or excellence


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Now, researchers at UCL and the University of Montreal have found a way to train the brain to accurately predict the outcome of an event, for example a baseball game, by giving subjects idealised scenarios that always conform to statistical probability.
Tamara Ansons, assistant professor at Warwick Business School, said: "To successfully use idealised images in marketing communications, they should be presented subtly.
To this day its shimmering glass torso shrouding a structural skeleton has provided the Spreedreieck with an idealised identity.
These men have a completely idealised view of their father and the paternal function," she said.
Consecrated in 9BC by Augustus Caesar to mark his victories in Gaul and Spain, the Ara Pacis (altar of peace) is an unparalleled surviving masterpiece of Classical sculpture, with finely worked bas reliefs depicting a picturesque array of allegorical, historical and mythological scenes in idealised, Grecian manner.