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Synonyms for idealisation

(psychiatry) a defense mechanism that splits something you are ambivalent about into two representations--one good and one bad

something that exists only as an idea


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To make it comparable with other measures, the subscale was renamed to Parental Idealisation (Puklek Levpuscek, 2006).
Featuring work by students at the University of Wales, Newport, it will explore issues of idealisation, exoticism, sensationalism and exdusion.
I HAVE hesitated to reply to recent letters by Mark Mercer concerning his opposition to civil liberties arguments against DNA databases and ID cards because I could not work out whether he is being merely provocative with his strange arguments or naive in his idealisation of the way states and governments operate.
Multiple raters read a sample of elementary-level novels and rated the portrayals of various forms of sexism, including stereotypic personality, segregated work and family roles, status inequality, gender segregation, the traditional idealisation of femininity, and unequal representation of the sexes.
com editor Debbie Djordjevic said: "It seems that women still lack confidence in their body shape due to their idealisation of achieving a size 8 or 10.
The book explores socio-political idealisation throughout the period and situates its readings within a broad range of critical and theoretical writing.