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Synonyms for icky

Synonyms for icky

soft and sticky


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Out this month, the book is also expected to reveal the icky things Jackson's father Joe might have done for showbiz, and sticky things about what the singer might have done for sexuality.
It's been two years since Jack and Meg's last album Icky Thump and in that time, Jack managed two non-Stripes album.
N icky Cook became the WBO super-featherweight champion with a convincing win over a sluggish Alex Arthur
And while the alleged lie itself is a bit icky, it's not like he pretended anyone had died or anything.
10(-) Icky Thump - White Stripes (txt: THECHART POLY 10 to 84080)
Yeah, ear wax is icky, but the doc says it's very protective.
That could make for an icky situation, especially in the pavilion of Dodger Stadium.
Vinnie, 36, is Vincent Hasson, and Icky, 22, is Andrew Rosborough.
Not to mention that icky gay lip lock on the Tony Awards with the whole family watching.
The female master of icky, sticky sculpture, Kiki Smith has also made books, multiple objects, prints, and photographs over the last twenty years.
At that point, their various toilet functions make them, well, icky.
Few men act theirs, Boys Are Icky hits the anti-men spot pretty effectively.
Based on the best-selling book, "Grossology," exhibits use sophisticated animatronics to tell the good, the bad and the downright ugly about burps, body odor and other icky things that everyone experiences.
It's offensive and off-putting, not to mention ever so slightly icky.